In years gone by, skincare and body image were something that men were less concerned about. However, in recent times the tables have turned and men feel just as much pressure to look good, and the stigma for males to undergo cosmetic surgery or aesthetic treatments has all but disappeared. That said, we totally appreciate that for many men it is difficult to come and see a surgeon about any area of their body. We have developed an all male team (if you want one!) to speak to along the way. We have a mixed team on hand as well, the choice is yours!

More and more we are seeing male patients for all manner of surgery and it is a growth area we are seeing in particular due to our particular skills in complex male specific areas such as Gynaecomastia (man boobs) and male rhinoplasty (nose job) . Our surgeons are highly skilled in these and other areas which are now in demand from our male clients.


Treatments and procedures to the body can achieve both subtle and quite radical results. Liposuction can help patients achieve the final result they desire following changes they have already made, whereas procedures such as tummy tucks and Gynaecomastia can give quite marked changes in a patient’s appearance. The effects on the male patient are often, in their words, life changing.


The focus of all facial treatments is on achieving a subtle and refreshed appearance. We treat all areas of the face and neck including eyes, the nose, cheeks, chins and the neck. Many men do not want to appear “done” as it is termed! We specialise in subtle enhancements to ensure the patient is not self conscious about the changes he has made.


More and more patients are turning to non surgical treatments, which frequently means less invasive procedures with much less down time and no need for any anaesthesia. These can include fillers, botox and more recently facial treatments such as Mini Facelifts performed under local anaesthetic.