Body Procedures


An abdominoplasty procedure (or tummy tuck) is a procedure that reshapes the stomach and abdomen area to help give a flatter, smoother profile. It can be effective in removing excess skin due to weight loss; tightening abdominal muscles or correcting any “tummy bulges” that are resistant to diet or exercise. This is a very successful procedure with many patients reporting clothes fitting better, better self esteem and well being.

The Procedure

The treatment is an invasive procedure which can take 2-3 hours and is normally performed under a General Anaesthetic. A section of skin is removed and the flaps of skin are conjoined, making a flatter and less volumunous area of the abdomen. A scar is normally visible and can be hidden below the line of the undergarments.

Recovery takes time and a pressure garment should be worn for a length of time which is advised by your surgeon. This helps the procedure achieve the maximum effect and to reduce swelling.


Risks & Complications

Risks include infection, dog ears (small skin legions at the end of the scar), haematoma and bad scarring. It should be said that this is a relatively low risk procedure and our surgeons are highly experienced in this field.

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