MOT offers the latest techniques in FUE hair transplant treatments. Your treatment and consultation can be carried out at our brand new, private, fully CQC registered facility near Birmingham. We only use highly trained Consultant Plastic Surgeons for this procedure who are highly trained in this specialist field.

What is the pathway?

You will have a consultation with our surgeon. This will establish what can and cannot be achieved which will be discussed in detail with you at the consultation. It is critical that you have a clear indication on the possible outcome and we pride ourselves in the satisfactory rates our patients give us. You will then have a cool off period of two weeks to allow you to consider everything that has been said. At the second consultation you will then be able to ask further questions and make a decision whether or not to proceed. We can offer skype consultations as many of our clients travel from large distances to us for treatments.

The procedure itself is performed under local anaesthesia so you will be completely awake and aware throughout. It can take many hours as each hair graft is individually transplanted. We consider your comfort and well being at all times and breaks will be frequent if you are becoming in any way uncomfortable.

Post treatment follow ups will be conducted immediately with all further necessary follow ups included in the price.

What is FUE?

Folicular Unit Extraction is the most modern technique in manual hair transplantation. Initially, surgeons used to harvest hair folicles by grafting strips of hair thus removing many hairs in one go. This was possibly quicker but had the huge disadvantage of leaving scars. It is also considered to be a much less accurate technique as FUE allows individual hair placement which is incredibly precise. This technique also minimises the risk of infection.

Furthermore, we are proud at Man of Tomorrow to be the first clinic in the whole West Midlands region to offer Trichotest. This revolutionary test gives our experts a very clear indication as to what has caused your hairloss. This means they can then prescribe treatments specifically for YOU. This is hugely beneficial as it means your future hairloss should be minimised and if you do have a hair transplant it means hairloss of the implanted hairs (which can be around 25%) should also be reduced significantly. Its a painless diagnosis from an oral swab.

We see hairloss as a long term treatment. Prevention methods are much more sophisticated than in the past thanks to processes such as Trichotest and by offering this we are in a unique position in this field in being able to prevent, treat and improve outcomes. Many clinics simply treat.

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